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21.4.2018 : 23:11

QoSMOS Workshops & Special Sessions

Up to now, the project  organized the following special sessions respectively workshops on cognitive radio systems in white spaces, partly together with other projects within the “Radio Access & Spectrum” cluster.

–WVITAE “Special Session: Cognitive Radio and TV White Space Operations”, Chennai, India, 28.02-3.03.2011

–Joint workshop with Orange on” Cognitive Radio: Technology, Regulation, and Quality of Service and Mobility”, FUNEMS 2011, Warszaw, Poland, 15-17.6.11

–Workshop on undefined“Quality of Service and Mobility in CRS” at WinnF Conference 29.11.2011 - 02.12.2011, Washington

-Workshop "undefinedQuality of Service and Mobility in CRS (QMCC’12)" at the IEICE TCSR Conference in FUKUOKA,
 Japan, October 17-19th 2012  

 - undefinedQoSMOS Industry Briefing, London, Dec. 12th 2012

- undefinedQoSMOS Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Seminar, Washington DC, 22nd March 2013