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21.4.2018 : 22:52

QMCC’11 Presentations

Chair: Michael Fitch, BT

"Ofcom perspective on the challenges for TVWS radio systems using geo-location databases," Andrew Gowans, Ofcom undefined(pdf)

"C-PMSE - Improving frequency utilization and coexistence for PMSE systems by cognitive procedures," Uwe Beutnagel-Buchner, C/AGT undefined(pdf)

"Introduction of WSD in the UHF band in Europe from a broadcaster's perspective," Roland Beutler, SWR undefined(pdf)

Functional architecture overview for the cognitive management of opportunistic networks in the Context of future Internet,” Klaus Moessner, UNIS undefined(pdf)

Cognitive radio systems for efficient sharing of TV white spaces in European context,” Paul Sutton, TCD-CTVR undefined(pdf)

Dependable indoor-to-outdoor wireless technology in the TVWS for first responders' assistance,” Dominique Noguet, CEA undefined(pdf)

Flexible multicarrier PHY design for cognitive radio in white spaces,” Rohit Datta, TUD undefined(pdf)

MAC layers for white space radio systems,” Richard MacKenzie, BT undefined(pdf)