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21.4.2018 : 23:12

RAS (Radio Access and Spectrum) Cluster

QoSMOS is a member of the RAS (Radio Access and Spectrum) cluster and the project manager Michael Fitch is a co-chairman of the cluster, the other co-chairman is Ronald Raulefs from the WHERE2 project.

The cluster meets twice per year, usually the day before Concertation meetings. At the meetings we hold sessions on focussed technical subjects, standardisation activities and other topics of interest across multiple projects. More information, including agendas and presentation downloads can be found undefinedhere.

The outputs from the cluster are reports into the Concertation meetings, also the cluster is this year producing a white paper on Spectrum Sharing, and at least three projects are contributing to this paper, including QoSMOS. The white paper is planned to be finished and issued after the meeting in October 2012.