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10 June 2011 Public Deliverables available

You can find all public Deliverables from the Project on the webpage. [more]

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7 April 2011 Cancel QMCC'11 workshop

Cancel the QMCC’11 workshop as part of Crowncom. [more]

Category: Events, News

8 March 2011 Deliverables from December and February

The Documents and the Summaries of the Deliverables in December and February are available.[more]

Category: News

8 March 2011 QMCC'11 submission deadline had been extended

The submission deadline for presentation for the QMCC'11 had been extended![more]

Category: News

1 March 2011 CrownCom 2011

The First Workshop on QoS & Mobility in Cognitive Communications[more]

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31 January 2011 QoSMOS organising the QMCC’11

The QoSMOS participants organising the QMCC'11.[more]

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4 January 2011 Deliverables from November

The Documents and the Summaries of the Deliverables in November are available.[more]

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