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21.4.2018 : 23:07

QoSMOS@WinnComm Europe Conference

Brussels 27- 29th June 2012

At the WinnComm Europe conference, which was held in Brussels 27- 29th June 2012, QoSMOS had two papers, one presentation and attended one panel session. The papers were

-          Comparison of contention-based protocols for secondary access in TV whitespaces
Richard MacKenzie (BT, United Kingdom); Keith Briggs - Presenting (BT, United Kingdom)

-          Mapping Cognitive Radio System Scenarios into the TVWS Context
Per H. Lehne (Telenor Group Industrial Development, Norway); Richard MacKenzie (BT Research, United Kingdom); Dominique Noguet (CEA LETI, France); Vincent Berg (CEA LETI, France); Ole Grøndalen (Telenor, Norway)

The second of these, presented by Per Lehne, was awarded ‘top paper’ at the conference.

A presentation entitled Technical innovations from EU FP7 project QoSMOS 
was given by Michael Fitch (BT, United Kingdom)

Michael Fitch also sat on a panel session entitled Future of white Space which addresses challenges such as establishment of value chain, stability of regulation and the maturity of standards.

23 July 2012