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21.4.2018 : 23:13

Presentations from Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Seminar

These links provide the slides for the presentations given at the QoSMOS Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Seminar, in Washington D.C., March 2013.

Highlights from this event can be found undefinedhere:


Keynote:  ‘The role of spectrum sharing in America’s wireless future’ - Tom Power, White House Office of Science and Technology

What's next for white space? A "use it or share it" approach to opening unused spectrum capacity’ - Michael Calabrese, Open Technology Institute, New America Foundation (undefinedpdf)

Whitespaces: TV band and beyond- Andrew Gowans, Ofcom UK (remotely) (undefinedpdf)

FCC Actions to Advance the Frontiers of Spectrum Sharing’ - Julius Knapp, FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (undefinedpdf)

The QoSMOS project: overview and implications on regulation’ - Michael Fitch, QoSMOS Project Manager, BT (undefinedpdf)

‘QoSMOS Use-cases and business models’ - Richard MacKenzie, BT (undefinedpdf)

‘QoSMOS Quality of Service and Mobility Support mechanisms and architecture’ - Klaus Moessner, University of Surrey (undefinedpdf)

‘FBMC: A flexible and low interference radio technology for TVWS’ - Dominique Noguet, CEA-Leti (undefinedpdf)

‘Whitespace networking: trials and ongoing research’ - Ranveer Chandra, Microsoft (undefinedpdf)

Spectrum Sharing Technology overview, field trial results, next steps’ - Angelo Cuffaro, Interdigital (undefinedppsx)

‘TVWS performance and markets’ - Darrin Mylet, Adaptrum (undefinedpdf)

‘Spectrum sharing solutions enabled through geo-location databases’ - Peter Stanforth, SpectrumBridge (undefinedpdf)