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21.4.2018 : 23:11


QoSMOS TV Whitespace Prototype Database  

The shared use of television spectrum for other radio services – so-called TV whitespace (TVWS) – requires carefully management of potential  interference to TV services, and in particular of power control of TVWS devices. One proposed scheme for this management, which has been researched heavily in QoSMOS, is the running of a so-called TVWS database, which is a service which provides pre‑computed TV signal strength predictions for any location. This is done using TV transmitter data and a propagation model. A TVWS device may query this database over a network connection; it sends its location, and TV channel occupancy at that location is returned by the database. From the data returned the TVWS device may choose a channel which will give minimal probability of interfering with TV reception, and also may set its own transmit power.

A prototype database of this type has been developed by BT Innovate & Design (Adastral Park, UK) as part of QoSMOS, and the link with the figure below provides a web‑browser interface to this database. The use should click on “REGISTER”, and then move the map marker to a location in Great Britain. A query is then sent to the database, and the data returned is displayed as a bar graph below the map. The bar graph gives the estimated TV channel occupancy at the selected map location. The web interface was developed by TST (Santander, Spain).











Demos at QoSMOS Industry Briefing December 2012

Five demos were presented at the QoSMOS Industry Briefing December 2012 in London. A description of these demos incl. a video clip on each presentation can be found undefinedhere