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21.4.2018 : 23:10

External Advisory Board - Objectives

The External Advisory Board is a carefully selected group of organizations who are not partners of QoSMOS, but whose expertise can be very valuable to help steer the project. These organizations are mainly public entities (e.g. Regulators, standard bodies) that could not be project partners for various reasons but who have formally expressed interest in QoSMOS.


QoSMOS has recruited a number of regulators, a broadcast operator, a certification organisation and prestandardisation organisations to sit on the External Advisory Board (EAB). The advisory board is a key mechanism for guiding and pointing out the wider political and societal implications of the research undertaken. In the opposite direction, the regular interaction with these organisations will help place QoSMOS results in the relevant national as well international bodies (such as CEPT, ITU and SDR Forum) and thus will help QoSMOS yield the greatest influence over future regulation and standardisation. The members of the external advisory board include a number of stakeholders that will gain deeper technology insight from having direct interaction with the project. In addition, the organisations involved in the EAB will discuss the wider implications of the QoSMOS outcomes and will feed back their thoughts and deliberations. Furthermore, they will help position the QoSMOS outputs in the relevant regulation groups (including CEPT Project Team A and ITU) as well as give valuable insights into discussions on possible new/future business models.