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21.4.2018 : 23:09

Standardisation and Regulation

Some of the QoSMOS consortium members are actively participating in various standardization organizations. This table below lists some of the standardization bodies that play an important role in areas covered by QoSMOS. Results stemming from the QoSMOS project might be exploited primarily in these organizations.

undefinedETSI RRS

undefinedIEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Standards Committee (DySPAN-SC)

    undefinedIEEE 1900.1

    undefinedIEEE 1900.4

    undefinedIEEE 1900.6

undefinedIETF PAWS 


undefinedCEPT/ECC SE43



 In IEEE there are other standardisation groups dealing with specific aspects of Cognitive Radio e.g. undefined802.11 (WLAN),
undefined802.19 (Coexistance), and undefined802.22 (WRAN). QoSMOS is monitoring these activies so that any relevant results can be taken into account for the design of the QoSMOS system.