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21.4.2018 : 22:53

IEEE Ad-hoc Working Group DSA-VE

Ad-hoc group on Dynamic Spectrum Access in Vehicular Environments

Scope and objectives

On July 7th, 2011 the ad hoc group on Dynamic Spectrum Access in Vehicular Environments was created within IEEE DySPAN-SC following a proposal of member of QosMOS.

  • Scope: To identify the direction and the need to create a PAR on Dynamic Spectrum Access for Vehicular Communications.
  • Objectives: Among other topics, it primarily targets  to address mobility in Dynamic Spectrum Access. 

Technical relevance to QoSMOS

Topics addressed by this group are relevant for the mobility aspects of QoSMOS  e.g. in WP5.  

Status and outlook for QoSMOS

Due to a period of slow progress worldwide regarding the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Car2X communications, the group did not gain sufficient industrial relevance during the previous year and consequently was temporarily suspended. It currently is in dormant state.