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21.4.2018 : 22:54

Workpackage 1 - Scenarios and Business models

The WP leader is Per H. Lehne, Telenor.

This workpackage has two main components:

The first is to define the framework for the project including the definition of the scenarios and the definition of system requirements to elaborate the guidelines and main inputs for the technology developments in other workpackages. This workpackage will look at situations for which the current limitations, in terms of frequency usage and capacity can be overcome thanks to cognitive radios, while still maintaining QoS and mobility. A number of different usage scenarios having a potentially large impact on mobile operations ecosystems will be considered. Potential applications include extended mobile broadband access, enhanced mobile TV, interference-limited femto-cells and home network, to name a few. For each scenario, a set of requirements and constraints will be detailed. The constraints will be outcomes from initial business case evaluations.

In a second step the workpackage will identify and evaluate the business and deployment models more appropriate for the technology developed within QoSMOS. This latter component will use the results from the other workpackages as well as external inputs. Details on different actors’ roles and bases for spectrum trading will be given.