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21.4.2018 : 22:55

Workpackage 2 - System Architecture

The WP leader is Christophe Rosik of NEC Technologies (UK) Ltd.

This workpackage has the following objectives to be achieved: 

The general objective of WP2 is to analyse the scenarios and detailed requirements from WP1 in order to derive and define the overall implementation of the QoSMOS system architecture. The system specification defined in WP2 will be used throughout all technical workpackages to ensure consistency of the research carried out in the project and to guarantee that these workpackages target objectives that converge towards the design of a coherent system. The aim of WP2 is to provide a system specification that enables to cover all scenarios and requirements derived in WP1. It is also in the scope of WP2 to identify which tradeoffs need to be considered either to accommodate with a broad range of scenarios or to suggest more tailored and optimized subsets of specifications that may be applicable to a narrower class of scenarios. After this system space will be identified and analysed, the QoSMOS specification will be assessed, and the selected specifications will be justified. A reference model will be defined to be used by WP7 for defining its proof of concept platform. Another key aspect of WP2 is to address some technical aspects that are across the activities of WP3 to WP6. In this regard, WP2 will consider these concepts at a system level guaranteeing that the underlying functionalities are covered seamlessly throughout WP3-6. In more detail, the objectives of WP2 are:

  • To propose and develop network architectural options for the scenarios developed in WP1.  
  • To discuss options for the positioning and splitting of the decision in the global architecture.  
  • To provide a detailed system specification for the architectural options, including signalling aspects.  
  • To define overall performance metrics that can be further derived into performance assessment to the other WP’s.
  • To integrate the mechanisms developed in the other WP’s and to generate a resulting harmonized system specification, along with recommendations for possible deployments.