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21.4.2018 : 22:56

Workpackage 7 - QoSMOS proof of concepts

The leader of WP7 is Bruno Cendón of TST.


The main objective of WP7 is to demonstrate, assess and validate, through proof-of-concepts, selected CR functionalities and building blocks developed in the different workpackages. A first setup will be built around the sensing engine (WP3). A second setup will have the flexible transceiver (WP4) as central point. Finally, a third setup will combine the first two with upper-layers developments to demonstrate a true cognitive radio system (WP5/WP6 mechanisms). 

In more detail, the different objectives pursued in this WP are:

• To define and design an appropriate (set of) platform(s) to carry out the different trials,

• To validate selected subsystems developed in the different workpackages,

• To perform the integration of the selected building blocks within a well-defined testing scenario framework,

• To conduct a thorough analysis of the performance achieved,

• To quantify the improvements and enhancements which are brought about by the QoSMOS project,


To provide feedback to the QoSMOS system architecture based on the results obtained.