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21.4.2018 : 22:54

Workpackage 8 Workpackage 8 - Dissemination and Exploitation

The leader of WP8 is Wolfgang Koenig of ALD.

The secondary use of spectrum as well as the deployment of cognitive and opportunistic radio mechanisms has to be seen from a range of angles; firstly it is a technology and technology adoption issue, secondly it is a political issue and as such requires understanding of the potential technical as well as usage implication the technology may have, and thirdly it is an issue of education. The latter aiming at educating not only the engineers developing systems using QoSMOS technology, but also those influencing the long term spectrum and radio resource usage as well as those developing business models for the various (commercial) stakeholders. Considering the non-technical aspects of the research topics encountered in QoSMOS, there is the need for a coherent and comprehensive approach towards dissemination and education, standardisation, and finally regulation and certification. 



To ensure that the technologies developed in QoSMOS will achieve highest possible impact, suitable steps in terms of dissemination in learned publications and conferences and moreover in terms of standardisation needs to be carefully planned. The general objective of WP8 is thus to disseminate QoSMOS outcomes and to provide a framework by which aforementioned goals can be achieved. The objectives of WP 8 can be summarised in: 

• To disseminate QoSMOS concepts in learned journals and at high profile conferences. 

• To promote QoSMOS solutions in appropriated standards, including both European as well as global standardisation bodies. 

• To facilitate that QoSMOS technology solutions are integrated in products (terminal, networks) and product roadmaps of the different industrial partners within the consortium. 

To engage regulation bodies as well as industry fora  and certification authorities into the steering of the technology development and the dissemination with  QoSMOS. WP8 starts at M1 and will be active throughout the whole project lifetime.